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Monday 17 July, 2017

What is OPAL Fuel?

Opal fuel is a low-aromatic unleaded fuel that has been designed to discourage people from sniffing by lowering the amount of the toxic components which give petrol sniffers a 'high'.

Areas where low aromatic unleaded fuel is widely available:

  •     Arnhem Land
  •     Kakadu
  •     Katherine
  •     Tennant Creek
  •     Central Australia
  •     East Kimberley
  •     Goldfields


Areas where there is some availability of low aromatic unleaded fuel:

  •     Gulf of Carpentaria
  •     Western Cape York


Some individual communities also stock low aromatic unleaded fuel outside these areas.

Potential Areas for Expansion

As part of the Australian Government’s Petrol Sniffing Strategy the expanded rollout of low aromatic unleaded fuel is being considered for the following areas:

  •     Gulf of Carpentaria (Queensland)   
  •     East Kimberley (Western Australia)


What Octane rating is Opal fuel?

Opal fuel has a minimum 91 octane rating and meets all the specifications for regular unleaded 91.

Opal fuel meets the National Fuel Quality Standards Act 2000 which provides the legislative basis for national fuel quality and fuel quality information standards for Australia.


Is regular unleaded 91 still available where Opal is introduced?

No, Opal will be substituted for regular unleaded 91.This initiative is a key part of the Australian Government’s Petrol Sniffing Strategy, designed to reduce the incidence of petrol sniffing. As Opal contains low levels of aromatics, it has been proven highly effective in reducing the incidence of petrol sniffing where it has been introduced. Locate, support and rescue persons in distress in the shortest possible time.


Can I use Opal fuel in small engines, such as a two stroke?

In small engines such as two stroke engines, Opal fuel is safe to use if the manufacturer recommends the use of regular unleaded 91 as a minimum.

This fact sheet provides general information on the OPAL Fuel.

RAAus recommends following manufacturer recommendations for fuel requirements.

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