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Distress beacon disposal

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Tuesday 18 October, 2016

Please do not throw your beacon in the bin.

Beacons can inadvertently activate if they are not correctly disposed, which often occurs when beacons are thrown in the rubbish and end up in tips.

Every year, thousands of dollars are spent in Australia searching for beacons in rubbish dumps. Search personnel and resources are sent to look for beacons that have been inadvertently activated, which means that they are then unavailable for a real emergency.

Beacon batteries are also hazardous items which should be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way.

Options for disposing your beacon:

Option 1Contact your local battery store to check whether they disconnect and dispose of beacons. A small fee may apply.

Option 2 - Contact your local maritime safety agency. They may be able to provide disposal advice. Western Australia also has individual disposal arrangements and further information can be found on the Department of Transport or Department of Transport Beacon information websites.

Option 3 - Disconnect the beacon battery according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Then contact your local waste management facility to ask about disposing of your unwanted beacon in an environmentally friendly way. A small fee may apply.

Don’t forget!

After disposing of your unwanted beacon, don’t forget to contact the Australia Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) to advise them of the change. You can do this by updating your registration account online or by phoning 1800 406 406.