Distress Beacons

When should I carry a distress beacon?

Safety, Search and Rescue, Distress Beacons

Monday 31 October, 2016

Civil Aviation Orders 95.55 and 95.32 stipulate that:

Except in the case of a flight that is to take place wholly within a radius of 50 miles from its departure point, a 2-place aeroplane to which this Order applies may be flown only if it carries:

a)    An approved ELT, or an approved portable ELT, as defined in regulation 252A of CAR 1988; or

b)    A personal locator beacon that has been approved by CASA for use with such an aeroplane.

Note Regulation 252A of CAR 1988 does not apply to single-seat aircraft (see subregulation 252A (7) of CAR 1988).